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Learn how you can transform any dish from a guilty pleasure to a healthy treasure. Dr. Oz's approach to healthy cooking has never been easier or more delicious.

Healthy Substitutions: Chocolate Smoothie Dessert

Make a shake you won’t regret drinking with chef Rocco DiSpirito’s slimmed-down version of this classic treat. You can also turn it into a breakfast or meal-replacement smoothie by adding egg-white or whey powder for a kick of protein. Get the ...

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  • Beat the Burn

    Most people experience it at one time or another – an uncomfortable warm, burning sensation in the chest known as heartburn or acid indigestion. Heartburn has nothing to do with the heart but is caused by stomach acid. It occurs when gastric acids back ...

  • Healthy Substitutions: Magnificent Mayonnaise

    Strip your mayo of unhealthy ingredients, not flavor, with chef Rocco DiSpirito’s fat- and gluten-free version of this staple.

  • Healthy Substitutions: Chicken Parmigiana

    Want a hearty dinner without the calories? Try this chicken-parm remake! Dr. Oz joins chef Rocco DiSpirito to whittle the fat and calories from this classic dish.Get the full chicken-parmigiana recipe.For more healthy recipes, visit Oz's Kitchen. 

  • Healthy Substitutions: Un-Fried Rice Balls "Arancini"

    Craving comfort food? Try chef Rocco DiSpirito's un-fried rice balls! Crispy and gooey like your favorite fried mozzarella sticks, these rice balls have a fraction of the fat and calories. Get the full un-fried rice balls "arancini" ...

  • Healthy Substitutions: Panini

    Skip the store-bought sandwiches and try this easy-to-make panini instead! Chef Rocco DiSpirito reveals how you can cut 500 calories at lunch without sacrificing flavor. The secret? Healthy substitutions. Get the full caprese-prosciutto panini ...

  • Healthy Substitutions: Omelet

    Omelets are a breakfast classic but can be loaded with indigestion-causing calories, fat and cholesterol. However, chef Rocco DiSpirito knows the secret to a guilt-free breakfast: healthy substitutions! Learn how to make a lighter breakfast in ...

  • Caprese-Prosciutto Panini

    Ingredients100% whole-wheat roll4 slices of prosciutto, fat removed2 slices of tomato2 slices of fresh mozzarella Basil leaves2 pickled hot cherry peppers, thinly slicedSaltPepperDirections Pre-heat a panini press, griddle or stainless steel pan over ...

  • All-Day Egg-White Omelet

    Ingredients1/4 cup boxed egg whitesOlive oil spray2 tbsp low-fat or skim-based cheese2 tbsp store-bought pico de galloCilantro for garnishSalt and pepper to taste DirectionsMeasure out 1/4 cup egg whites, fresh or from a box. Beat with a whisk until ...

  • Pineapple-Banana Protein Blaster

    Ingredients 207 cal per serving 1 large ripe banana, broken into chunks 1/2 cup low-fat soy milk 1 can crushed pineapple in juice, drained 1/2 cup "pineapple passion" sorbet 1 tbsp soy protein powder ½ cup strawberries   Directions Combine ...

  • Dr. Oz's 6-Meal Plan

    The basics of Dr. Oz's 6-meal plan can be modified for anyone working long hours, making it difficult to eat nutritiously throughout the day and schedule time for working out.

  • Oat Meals: 1 Ingredient, 3 Recipes

    Apple Cinnamon Frittata   Ingredients 4 egg whites (from carton) 2 cups rolled oats 2-3 tbsp diced dried apples 1 tsp cinnamon 2 tbsp unsweetened, natural applesauce (for garnish)   Directions Spray a shallow microwave-safe bowl with canola oil ...

  • Chefs’ Secret Flavor Boosters

    Chefs from the nation’s top 5-star restaurants share their secrets for making extra-tasty meals. These ridiculously easy flavor boosters can make any healthy food taste delicious.

  • Lisa’s Open-Faced Egg Sandwich

    Pressed for time? Make this quick and delicious sandwich for breakfast.

  • Magnificent Mayonnaise

    Ingredients3 tbsp white vinegar5 packets 100% natural powdered stevia1 tsp salt1 (17- to 20-oz) container fat-free Greek yogurt2 tbsp Dijon mustardSalt and pepper, to tasteDirectionsCombine white vinegar, Stevia, Dijon mustard and whisk until evenly ...

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