The fight against colds, flu and other illnesses can often begin at the pharmacy. Before you make a trip to the drugstore, read up on everything you need to know, from medicine cabinet must-haves to natural cures that won't break the bank.

Q&A: Diabetes

Your biggest questions about diabetes have been answered! Walgreens pharmacist Heidi Hilker responds to select Facebook and Twitter inquiries from Oz viewers. Learn more about diabetes.

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  • Ask a Pharmacist: Diabetes

    Get the answers to your most pressing diabetes-related questions from Walgreens pharmacist Heidi Hilker.

  • Are You At Risk for Diabetes?, Pt 1

    Dr. Oz reveals simple steps you can take to help lower your risk by up to 58%!

  • How Much Do You Know About Your Pharmacy?

    When it comes to health care, knowing the ins and outs of your pharmacy and the people who work there is almost as important as visiting your doctor. Your pharmacist is the keeper of your prescriptions, and can help you make informed decisions about how ...

  • Diabetes Risk Test

    Help determine your risk for pre-diabetes and diabetes with this simple test.

  • Web Exclusive: Flu Questions

    Walgreens pharmacist Stacia Woodcock answers your Facebook and Twitter inquiries about protecting yourself during flu season.

  • Saving Money at the Pharmacy

    These steps will help you get the most out of your money when it comes to your prescriptions.

  • Web Exclusive: Immunization

    Which immunizations do you need? Protect your health with these vaccination tips from Walgreens pharmacist Stacia Woodcock.

  • Pharmacist Q&A: Colds and Flu

    Answers provided by Walgreens pharmacist Stacia Woodcock.

  • Video: The 4 Flu Fighters Everyone Needs

    Walgreens pharmacist Stacia Woodcock reveal the four items that should be in everyone’s flu kit.

  • The Dr. Oz Alphabet: Your Health From A-Z

    From A to Z, Dr. Oz tackles the entire alphabet of your health. He reveals the warning signs your body may be sending you. Learn how to treat your skin problems, fight colds, improve digestion, supercharge your immunity, get a good night’s sleep, and spice things up in the bedroom!

  • Dr. Oz's Food Pharmacy

    Learn about foods that help lower your cholesterol. Find out why food can sometimes be the best medicine. Click here to read more about fighting cholesterol from Dr. William Li.

  • How to Prepare for the Pharmacy

    Before you even leave to pick up your medication, partner up with your provider and know exactly what you're being prescribed.

  • Stop Overspending At the Pharmacy

    Learn how to stop overspending on medications with these insider secrets from Walgreens pharmacist Stacia Woodcock!

  • Debunking Myths About Medication, Pt 1

    Dr. Oz and Walgreens pharmacist Stacia Woodcock clear up the most common medication misconceptions! Learn how the best ways to take, dispose of and fill your prescriptions. View Part 2 of Debunking Myths About Medication. Watch Stacia bust ...

  • 3 Surprising Ways to Take Aspirin

    Ease your pain and save your life with one of these three creative ways to benefit the most from your aspirin.

  • Critical Vitamins for Every Woman

    Dr. Oz sheds light on one of the most confusing health issues: What vitamins you should be taking daily.

  • Staying on Top of Your Health

    Our friends at Walgreens want to share more information about health tests available at their pharmacies.

  • A Smart Guide to Buying Supplements

    By Tod Cooperman, MD, President, is offering a 24-hour free pass to Dr. Oz viewers. Visit now and get immediate access to’s unbiased testing of fish oil, ginseng and St. John’s Wort supplements.

  • Dr. Oz's Insider Guide: Best Drugstore Deals

    It’s just what the doctor ordered: saving money on your prescriptions. Learn how to communicate more efficiently with your doctor and pharmacist to find the most cost-effective ways to pay for your medications. Save big with these 5 insider secrets to getting the best drugstore deals.

  • Allergy Season Survival Strategies, Pt 1

    Allergies can make your life sheer torture, and this year experts predict the worst allergy season ever. Luckily, Dr. Oz has quick cures to get relief from allergies. Use these strategies to alleviate your symptoms.    Click here for more ...

  • The Health Tests That Could Save Your Life

    Are you so busy that you’re ignoring your own health in the process? Dr. Oz reveals 3 simple lifesaving tests that will help you stay on top of your own well-being. We're sorry, the screening giveaway has ended.

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