28-Day National Soda Challenge

Soda is an addictive stimulant. Break the cycle with this 4-week plan.

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Week #3: As you cut your soda consumption in half, find other fizzy drinks to replace the sodas you've cut. Try carbonated water with a splash of juice or a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime. Try adding coconut water to your carbonated water, which is low in sugar and high in potassium.

Cut Your Consumption by 50%
No cheating. Whatever amount of soda you are currently drinking, cut it in half. If you drink six sodas a day, decide which three are the most important to you and eliminate the other three.

Week #4: The 4th week of Dr. Oz's 28-Day National Soda Challenge brings total cessation. You are no longer drinking any soda; no sugar-free, diet or caffeine-free soda. At the end of the week, use the money you would have spent on soda to treat yourself to something that is good for you.

Go Soda-Free

If you experience a craving, try chewing sugar-free gum. Additionally, if you find yourself fixating on soda, find a method of distraction, like taking a walk, doing 10 push-ups or cleaning.