The 3-Phase Plan to Fix Your Metabolism for Good

By Haylie Pomroy Celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant Author of The Fast Metabolism Diet Get the Fast Metabolism Diet recipes for Phase 1, 2 and 3 of Haylie's plan.

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Metabolic Myth #2: If I like it too much, it can’t be good for me  or my waistline.

This is another doozy. As chronic dieters, we’ve been told that good-tasting food is bad, that diet foods must be bland, dry and tasteless. This just isn’t true. Food is naturally one of the human body’s greatest pleasures. Take a bite of a delicious food you love, and your adrenal glands start pumping out endorphins (feel-good hormones). This prompts your brain to release serotonin (another feel-good hormone). And that tells the thyroid gland to produce another hormone you’re going to like – one that burns fat.

And while you’re feeling happy and burning fat, your leptin (hunger hormone) levels are sinking. You don’t feel hungry anymore, so you don’t overeat! Remember, if you eat boring food you hate, none of this will happen. Worse, you’ll screw up your body’s natural food response.

Metabolic Repair Phase 2: Unlock fat stores. Duration: 2 Days

The second phase of my plan introduces rich foods you thought you could never have on a "diet": juicy steak, rich lobster, flavorful salmon. Meanwhile, we pull back on grains and fruit and introduce lots of alkalizing green vegetables. Leafy greens, asparagus, mushrooms and peppers help balance the acidity of the protein you’re eating, keeping the body pH balanced. Your body then converts those proteins into amino acids, the building blocks of muscle.

So while you’re eating fat in the form of meat and fish, you’re also burning fat as fuel. The protein combined with lots of vegetables are the keys to releasing “old” fat – you’re actually unlocking stored fat into the bloodstream, ready for Phase 3, when your metabolism will really burn hot, melting those pounds off.  For these two days you will not eat other sources of fat or carbs. 

Phase 2 Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast: Egg white, mushroom and spinach omelet (protein and veggie)

Snack:  Smoked salmon and cucumbers (protein and veggie)

Lunch: Tuna Salad-stuffed Red Pepper (protein and veggie)

Snack: Turkey jerky or nitrate-free lunch meat (protein)

Dinner: New York Strip Steak and Steamed Broccoli (protein and veggie)

Haylie Pomroy

Article written by Haylie Pomroy
Celebrity nutritionist and wellness consultant