The 5-Day Full-Body Recharge Plan

Do you feel as if your whole body has lost its pep? Dr. Oz’s 5-day plan will recharge the 5 areas that bother you most so you’ll be firing on all cylinders again.

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Day 4: Smooth Your Moves

With age, both cartilage and lubrication diminish in your joints, which increases friction. This causes inflammation that not only exacerbates pain and discomfort, but also can cause damage. Your knees are often a common place where this occurs.

Soothe and Stabilize

1. Soothe

To ease joint pain, apply arnica gel to the area where you are experiencing discomfort. Then apply an elastic bandage around the joint, wrapping it in a figure eight motion to give some flexibility to the joint. Also, make sure you don’t wrap it too tight. This application decreases inflammation and can be applied on any body part such as your arms, shoulders or feet.


2. Stabilize

Stair Exercise

To stabilize and build up the muscle in a troubled knee, try this stair exercise. Step up on the stair with your “bad” leg or hip. Go back down slowly and tap your heel. Repeat. Carry out for 3 minutes.

Squat Exercise

Here’s another way to build up your knees. Lift one leg up and out. Squat down on the other leg. This builds your quads, which stabilizes your knees. 

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