5 Fast-Moving Cancers: Biggest Risks and Best Solutions

Five of the fastest-moving cancers include pancreatic, brain, esophageal, liver and skin. Dr. Oz reviews the biggest risks and best solutions associated with these deadly diseases so you can stop them in their tracks before they stop you.

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Risk #3: Heavy Cell-Phone Use
The link between heavy cell-phone use and brain cancer is a highly debated issue. However, bear in mind that cell-phone use is still in its early stages, and the data on its dangers is currently inconclusive. However, it’s still wise to follow the precautionary measures listed below.

Brain Cancer Prevention Solutions

Solution #1: Use an Earpiece With Your Cell Phone
As a precaution, limit radiation exposure from your cell phone by using an earpiece. Or use the speakerphone function. Encourage your family members, especially children and teenagers, to do the same.

Solution #2: Keep a Headache Diary

If you’re concerned your headaches could be something more serious, keep a diary for two weeks. Include details such a when, where and what time you had headaches and to what severity. Are they like migraines or other types of headaches you’ve experienced before? Then see your doctor to review its contents.

To help keep track of your headaches, click here for a headache diary.

Solution #3: Eliminate Cooked Ham, Processed Pork and Fried Bacon
Meat products such as cooked ham, processed pork and fried bacon contain a lot of nitrates, which may be connected to brain cancer and other cancers as well.

Brain cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers. To support finding a cure, click here to donate to The Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure Group.