7 Natural Pain Solutions

Maybe it’s a stiff lower back. Or a pinch in your neck. Whatever it is Dr. Oz has an all-natural solution to help.

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Boswellia Extract
Boswellia, also known as Indian frankincense, is an herbal extract that alleviates joint pain by reducing cartilage damage. Available at health stores, be sure to purchase boswellia extract with a concentration of at least 40% to get the most benefits. Take at least 300mg daily to reduce joint pain and increase mobility.

Powdered Ginger
The oils contained in ginger reduce inflammation at the site of the joint. Take a half-teaspoon a few times a day for the next 7 days by adding the powdered ginger to hot water in the mornings, stirring it into your lunchtime lemonade, or concocting whatever ginger drink tastes best to you! You can also take a ginger tablet or capsule in doses of 1 to 4 grams every day either all at once or divided into smaller doses.

Finally, here are three all-over pain solutions to help you lead a pain-free lifestyle.

Intense Pain Relief: Arnica
When your pains intensify without warning – say a sore back, shoulder or knee – try all-natural arnica gel. It’s made from a type of flower, is available in any health food store, and – according to one study – reduces stiffness and pain as effectively as ibuprofen gel with fewer side effects. You can even use arnica gel to treat arthritis pain! Apply it up to 3 times a day, making sure not to rub it on broken skin so as to avoid irritation.

Full-Body Pain Preventer: Pelvic Power Tilt
This simple move stops pain before it starts, by taking a whole-body approach. When one part of your body hurts, the rest of it compensates by taking on additional muscular stress and strain, leading to even more pain and creating a vicious cycle. The pelvic power tilt stabilizes and strengthens your whole body by targeting your core.