7 Ways to Detoxify Your Relationships

By Dr. Brenda Wade Is a toxic relationship ruining your health? Learn the warning signs and the 7 detoxifying secrets.

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Here are the seven secrets I’ve taught to thousands of people. Use them to start ridding yourself of old, toxic habits and begin to replace them with new, healthy patterns.

7 Secrets to Detoxify Your Relationships 

1. Respect 

This is where we begin and end in any healthy relationship. The 7 Secrets actually spell out the word "respect." This is one of the most important tools I teach. I’m giving it to you here because along with Dr. Oz, I am committed to your health and well-being, and relationships are a cornerstone of both.

2. Extend  

Become a better person by upgrading your listening and expressing skills. It's never too late to learn how to make your relationships better.

3. Solid 

Step on solid ground by remembering the good times you've shared and the special qualities you both have. Focus on the solid foundation you've built. What we focus on expands and becomes stronger.

4. Peace 

This means letting go and forgiving. Once you've communicated and solved an issue, bury it and don't dig it up again.

5. Expect 

Use the power of expectation to set clear positive goals in your relationship and expect to reach them. Practice seeing your goal already completed with your inner eye. This exercise pulls you forward toward the goal.

6. Communicate 

There are three parts to healthy, non-toxic communication.

  1. Express feelings as opposed to blaming. Use, "I feel" instead of "You never" or "It’s your fault."
  2. Make a request. Ask for what you would like or need without guilt tripping or manipulating
  3. Listen deeply.

7. Tops 

Top it off by showing extra acts of acceptance, kindness and loving support.

Following the show with Dr. Oz and me, Bill and Susan completed a six-week aftercare teleseminar with me, Your Healthiest Love Ever. They took the seminar one hour a week by phone, and between classes they listened to custom programs I recorded for them on special equipment called The Masterkey. At the end of the six weeks, Bill had lost 30 pounds and Susan has lost 10! Best of all, Susan said she felt closer to Bill and more tender toward him than she’d ever felt before, and Bill said he was a much happier man because he had a much happier wife. Now that’s what I call detox! If they can do it, you can do it.

Dr. Brenda Wade

Article written by Dr. Brenda Wade
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