ADHD and Marriage: Saving Your Relationship

By Edward (Ned) Hallowell, MD

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However, with proper diagnosis and treatment, all this can change. The marriage not only can be saved, but life can become better than it’s ever been. With proper treatment, the person with ADHD can start to achieve at a high level, seeing dreams come true.

Treatment begins with education. As someone who has struggled with this personally, I would recommend my book Delivered From Distraction for learning about ADHD, as well as the book I wrote with my wife, Married to Distraction, for help with relationships. 

Treatment also should include restructuring, including developing routines and habits to help get life organized. Working with a coach can help in this regard. You can find a coach via the Internet, as ADHD coaching has become a bona fide service. 

Treatment should also include attention to sleep, diet, exercise, and meditation or prayer. All of these have been proven to impact the symptoms of ADHD. Sufficient sleep is an amount of sleep that allows you to wake up without an alarm clock. Proper nutrition is key to brain health. The closer to following a vegan diet you can come, the better. A daily supplement of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids are also good for your brain. One can’t stress the importance of physical exercise and its ability to confer both mental and emotional health benefits enough. Additionally, recent studies have shown that mindfulness training is an excellent treatment for ADHD in adults.

Edward Hallowell, MD

Article written by Edward Hallowell, MD
Harvard-trained child and adult psychiatrist Director of the Hallowell Centers in Manhattan and Sudbury, MA