Ageless Beauty: Looking Your Most Beautiful After 40

By celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert Cynde Watson

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Anti-Aging Skincare Recommendations


Sun Protection Cream

Sun protection is a non-negotiable part of your skincare routine, especially for anti-aging benefits. It’s the first step in preventing the aging process. Select a broad-spectrum anti-aging sunscreen for your face and body. It should block incoming UVA/UVB rays. You should also look for a cream that combines sun-protecting properties with antioxidants to also help prevent premature aging.


Primer (With Peptides)

The easiest way to take 5-10 years off maturating skin without surgery or a dermatological procedure is to use a makeup primer with peptides (peptides are known as a safe, affordable and painless Botox alternative). Aging skin benefits greatly from primers because the primer fills in the fine lines and wrinkles, which in turn fills in the area and plumps the skin, leaving fewer wrinkles and crevices, resulting in an even canvas to apply long-lasting makeup.


Dermatological Procedures


This injectable is a great way to relax the frown lines, which can make us look angry. An experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon will also know how to raise the eyebrows and get rid of crow’s feet.


As we age, we tend to lose volume in our faces; just as a balloon is taut the day of a party, in the days afterward, it loses volume. Generally, the loss of volume becomes more noticeable in one's 40s as nasolabial folds look more pronounced, and the chin area starts to develop "marionette lines," starting from the outer corners of the mouth. The lips also become thinner; loss of volume in the upper lip line causes lipstick to bleed. With the cheeks appearing less lifted, the mid-face appears flatter. This is where injectable fillers can be quite helpful. Some fillers are made of calcium hydroxylapatite (a substance found in bone), which is better for deeper lines. Others are made of hyaluronic acid, which mimics a substance found in the connective tissue of the skin. Those made of hyaluronic acid are excellent for more superficial filling including the upper lip lines and the body of the lip, which should ALWAYS be naturally contoured. When done by an experienced doctor, all of these fillers should provide natural results. 

Article written by Cynde Watson
Celebrity makeup artist and beauty exper