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By Dr. Mao Shin Ni Author of Secrets of Longevity Cofounder of Tao of Wellness

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While Chinese medicine uses natural, noninvasive healing practices as the first line of health care, it does not hesitate to use chemical and invasive medicine when necessary. To have the best of both worlds, continue to work with your physician and consider building a team of health professionals, such as licensed acupuncturists and herbalists, who can give you recommendations based on your unique needs and help you unlock the power of healing within.

Chinese Cures to Relieve Stress

Chronic stress seems to be our national disease. We push ourselves to go, go, go and suffer the health consequences later. Remember, stress is the underlying cause of up to 80% of all chronic diseases. The good news is that you can use Chinese cures to maintain balance and peace in the middle of your day.

Jujube Seeds
Jujube, the red Chinese date, has been used for thousands of years in China to reduce stress and promote sleep. A big plus of the jujube seed is that it doesn’t make you tired when you take it during the day – actually, it seems to reduce fatigue related to nervousness. It is usually served as tea, made from a powder extract. You can find jujube seed in health food stores, online, and from acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists.

Schizandra Berry

This prized berry boosts energy and focus; it also soothes nerves and takes the edge off anxiety. You can eat the berries, but most people drink it as tea or take capsules. Again, look in health food stores and online.

Dr. Mao Shin Ni

Article written by Dr. Mao Shin Ni
Author of Secrets of Longevity Cofounder of Tao of Wellness