Annie's Recipes for Health

Added to Recipes on Fri 03/12/2010

Breakfast Smoothie


*You can choose the amount of each depending on how many smoothie servings you're making.

Frozen or fresh fruit like strawberries, raspberries, a banana and a handful of blueberries


Flaxseed oil

Psyillum powder

Soy protein powder



Blend and enjoy!


Annie's Healthy Tacos


 1 lb. ground turkey - browned in a pan, I drip all of the oil out.

Spice with natural spices - these are the spices that you choose and bag at your market or grocer. Annie recommends fire salt, sea salt, herbs and garlic


Fresh salsa

Fiber wraps



Throw turkey in a pan; brown and drip out all the oil. Add fresh spices or use a taco/fajita seasoning kit (making sure it's low in sodium). Wrap turkey, lettuce, salsa in a fiber wrap and enjoy!