Anti-Aging Secrets of Supermodels

A team of top supermodels - Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson and Carol Alt -share their anti-aging secrets with Dr. Oz.

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Secret #2: Keeping Hair Strong and Beautiful

Cheryl's Secret

To address her hair's dryness, Cheryl uses sweet almond oil; its high-fat content lubricates brittle hair and adds shine. Purchase sweet almond oil in health food stores, or look for it as an ingredient in shampoos and conditioners.

Beverly's Secret

Beverly combats dull hair with biotin, a B vitamin found in legumes, egg yolks and milk, and also available in supplement form. Biotin is prized for promoting hair growth and preventing thinning hair.


Carol's Secret

Carol suffers from flat hair. Her secret is hidden in the shower, where she has installed a water filter to remove chlorine and other minerals that dry out hair and skin. Purchase a pharmaceutical-grade filter at any drug store for about $50. If you don't have a filter, take short showers that are not too hot, to avoid damaging hair and skin.


Secret #3: Shape-Saving Diet and Exercise Tips

Cheryl's Secret:

Think supermodels don't eat carbs? Think again! Cheryl starts every morning with a breakfast that includes a nutrient-packed, high-fiber and high-protein bread rich in sprouted grains and legumes, and without grain flour. To make sure she gets enough exercise, Cheryl has been wearing a pedometer for years and walks until she reaches 10,000 steps every day. Sound familiar?

Beverly's Secret

Beverly's fitness secret is all about keeping both the body and mind young. A passionate golfer, Beverly recommends picking a sport you really love so exercise is an enjoyable activity, not work. In terms of diet, "Every day is a battle," she says. "That cookie is there, that popcorn is there. But I'm on top of it."

Carol's Secret

Carol is hooked on maintaining a mostly raw foods diet. "I've never looked or felt better," she says. A raw food diet is based on eating uncooked and unprocessed foods that are never cooked more than 116deg, which is believed to destroy enzymes that assist in digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Feeling inspired? Try Dr. Oz's 28-Day Raw Food Challenge.  Exercise-wise, Carol keeps a stability ball near her desk, so she can get work done and workout her core at the same time.