Beauty Secrets From Around the World

For centuries, women all over the world have been using natural resources to enhance their beauty routines. Discover anti-aging and beauty secrets sourced from the furthest reaches of the globe and right here at home.

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Irish Moss

Ireland: Irish Moss to Remove Dark Lines

This salty seaweed is a type of brown algae and is packed with vitamin K, an important vitamin for healthy skin. Soak the dried form in water to rehydrate it and cut the salt. Try it in a smoothie for vitamin K on the go.  

Sea AsparagusHawaii: Sea Asparagus to Repair Skin

Despite the name, sea asparagus is actually a distant relative of beets and spinach. The vitamin A and folic acid found in this tasty plant are essential for skin repair. Sea asparagus is readily available in specialty stores, but make sure it’s ethically collected and has no added preservatives. Try it sautéed in a stir-fry for a delicious and healthy meal. 

Dragon Fruit

Mexico: Dragon Fruit to Reverse Skin Damage

This sweet and vibrant succulent grows on cacti and contains lycopene, a red pigment also found in tomatoes. Lycopene is known for helping to reduce damage to the skin when exposed to the sun. Dragon fruit are also rich in cartenoids, another excellent antioxidant.