Beauty Secrets From Around the World

For centuries, women all over the world have been using natural resources to enhance their beauty routines. Discover anti-aging and beauty secrets sourced from the furthest reaches of the globe and right here at home.

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Dominican Republic: Garlic for Strong Nails

For strong nails, women of the Dominican Republic swear by garlic. Simply take some chopped garlic and add it to a bottle of clear nail polish. Let it “stew” for 7 to 10 days and then paint onto nails. This fortifying polish will make your nails super strong. 

Lemon and Sugar

Mexico: Lemon and Sugar for Young Hands

Women in Mexico know that the hands are one of the first areas of the body to show the signs of aging, so they’ve developed a powerful scrub. Create a thick paste by mixing sugar with a little lemon juice. Rub into hands. (Be sure there are no cuts on your skin or the lemon will sting.) The citric acid from the lemon helps to lighten dark spots on the skin, and the sugar sloughs away dull, dehydrated skin to reveal glowing, younger-looking hands. This scrub is also great for your elbows and knees. 

olives and oil

Greece: Olive Oil and Olive Pits for Glowing Skin

The health benefits of eating olive oil are well-known, but for centuries, the women of Greece have been using olives topically to enjoy gorgeous skin. Grind olive pits and combine with a bit of olive oil to make a strong body scrub. The essential fatty-acids from the olive oil are very healing to the skin while the ground olive pits help to gently exfoliate. The olive oil also seals in moisture. In a pinch, olive oil can also double as the perfect lip gloss for your lips.