The Best Diet for Your Body Dilemmas

You’ve probably noticed that a diet that worked great for someone else may not work at all for you. Researchers now attribute this to your body’s specific biology. They now believe that the areas where you gain weight are predetermined by genetics. This means that the most effective weight-loss programs are customized. Find out which plan is the right choice for your body.

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Body Dilemma: Big Behind (Gluteofemoral Fat)

People with gluteofemoral fat have less blood flow to break down the fat in their buttocks, so their behinds function as a long-term fat-storage site.

Obstacles: The buttocks are not as responsive to weight loss as other areas.

Diet Solution: To reduce your backside, minimize processed foods high in saturated fats and salts, which can contribute to fat retention.

Meal Plan: For breakfast, have steel cut oats topped with fresh berries; make a batch that will provide you with breakfast for the entire week. Click here for one of Dr. Oz’s favorite oatmeal recipes.  


For lunch, have a pita pizza. Use a whole grain pita with natural low-fat parmesan and top with peppers or other vegetables. Click here for a healthy pita pizza recipe.

Click here for a dinner recipe of turkey meatballs with whole-wheat pasta, tossed in olive oil and tomatoes. Ditch the ice cream and instead choose frozen Greek yogurt and blueberry popsicles for dessert.


Fitness Solution: Target your backside with the exercises below:

  • Slow Step-Ups: All you need is a stable chair for this effective butt exercise. Placing one heel on top of the chair, step up onto the chair slowly. The one key to this exercise is to use only the top leg to move yourself onto the chair. Avoid bouncing off of the bottom leg.
  • Sumo Squats: Place the feet wider than hip-width apart and turn the toes slightly out. The key to perfect form is that the knees are in line with the toes. Slowly lower yourself down while keeping your head and shoulder up and back, similar to the form in the sit-downs. Advanced: Holding a gallon jug in the hands between the legs will increase intensity.