The Body Type Diet: Solutions for a Big Belly or Big Butt

Dr. Mark Liponis, author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution, has spent 25 years researching diets based on different body types. He claims his revolutionary plan, tailored for those with either a big belly or a big butt, can double your weight loss and reshape your body.

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Why People Store Their Fat Above or Below The Waist

Stress hormones are the primary cause of belly fat stored above the waist. Referred to as omentum or visceral fat, it pumps out chemicals that not only crush your internal organs but also keep you fat. The hormone estrogen can be blamed for creating a big butt, thighs and hips since it directs fat to be deposited in these areas. Both of these body types require different strategies to lose weight. Here’s how you can melt belly fat and bust butt fat once and for all.

Melt Belly Fat: The Right Diet


High Protein Diet

Big belly types need to eat like their hunter/gatherer ancestry who lived by hunting game, catching fish, picking berries and so forth. These folks couldn’t hunt a loaf of bread nor a bowl of pasta and neither should you. Hunter types need a low-glycemic diet that fuels their metabolism with protein instead of starch. Feast on protein such as a chicken burger for lunch or turkey meatloaf for dinner. Have a side of mashed cauliflower instead of starchy potatoes to lose weight and whittle your middle.

Skip Breakfast

Studies show that people with big bellies who eat breakfast end up consuming more calories throughout the day. In fact, the typical hunter is often not hungry for breakfast and needs more time to build an appetite. They are more likely to feast than graze. To lose your big belly, skip breakfast and eat lunch and dinner only.

Eat Dessert

Hunters are not alone in that they crave desserts because carbs and sweets make us feel better by raising levels of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Dr. Liponis recommends eating a little ice cream for dessert since it provides a serotonin boost yet has less sugar and more protein than other options, such as cookies. Look for double-churned ice cream since it usually has less sugar than frozen yogurt and even sherbet.

Dr. Mark Liponis

Article written by Dr. Mark Liponis
Author of The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution