Broiled Trout, Orata or Branzini with Rosemary and Lemon

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Makes 2 servings; 182 calories per serving
8 oz whole fish (trout, orata or branzini)
Salt and freshly ground black pepper (optional)
2 garlic cloves, sliced
4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
1 lemon, sliced


Preheat broiler. Open fish like a book; season to taste with salt and pepper if desired. Arrange garlic, rosemary, and lemon slices on one side of each fish; close other side and transfer fish to greased rack of broiler pan. Broil 5 to 6 inches from heat source 5 minutes. Turn fish over; continue to broil 4 to 5 minutes, or until fish is opaque throughout.


(An alternative for those who like fast and easy: Fish can be cooked in a sort of double boiler in the microwave by filling a Pyrex bowl with water and placing the fish in a smaller microwave-safe bowl inside it.)

Nutrition Information

Total fat 7.3 g
Saturated fat 1 g
Healthy fat 4.9 g
Fiber 2.7 g
Carbohydrates 10.3 g
Sugar 4.9 g
Protein 15.8 g
Sodium 126 mg
Calcium 76 mg
Magnesium 43 mg
Selenium 10.7 mcg
Potassium 688 mg

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Excerpted from YOU: On A Diet Revised Edition: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz. Copyright (c) 2006, 2009 by Michael F. Roizen, M.D., and Oz Works LLC, f/s/o Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.  Excerpted with permission by Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.