Deepak Chopra's Super Brain Secrets

Deepak Chopra, MD, the renowned mind-body healing pioneer, shares his secrets for accessing your “super brain.” Learn how taking just a few simple steps each day can keep your mind young and memory sharp for life.

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Today, neurological research shows that by being aware of your thoughts through conscious choice-making and other techniques, you can increase brainpower and ward off Alzheimer’s and other forms of memory loss. Practice building new nerve cells by learning something new every day. For instance, learn a new word or a foreign language word daily.

Myth #2: Brain hardwiring can’t be changed.

Truth #2: You can rewire your brain to stay young.

When memories are formed, they travel through the hippocampus, which  “organizes” them and sends them off for storage in the cerebral cortex. When the brain is impacted by memory loss, these connections between the nerve cells in the hippocampus start to weaken, shrivel up and die.

However, new research shows that other nerves in the brain can be redirected to help rebuild these nerve cell connections, thus delaying memory problems. Take charge and rewire your brain by practicing simple mental exercises. For instance, instead of using your dominant hand to draw a picture or button your coat, use your opposite hand once in a while.

Myth #3: Memory loss with age is irreversible.

Truth #3: You can reverse and prevent memory loss.

Memory loss was always thought to be inevitable with age, but this is false. First off, memories associated with emotions are much stronger than fact memories, which it is why it is always easier to retrieve felt memories such as falling in love. On the other hand, when an adult misplaces their keys, we often refer to these lapses as instances of age-related memory loss. In reality, this occurrence is usually due to a simple lack of attention. As you get older and lead a busier life, you simply tend to be more distracted.

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