Do You Know Your Vagina?

It's time to get acquainted with what's normal for you!

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Vagina FAQs

After natural childbirth, does the vagina return to its original state or does it get stretched out?

If you had a really traumatic childbirth, there could be some injury to the vagina and some stretching. But, the vagina is resilient, and what sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman refers to as a "potential space" - it can expand to deliver a baby and contract. Focus on strengthening the vaginals muscles through Kegel exercises. Work on your core to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor; yoga and pilates are exercises that help to strengthen the core.

Can a couple be "incompatible" when it comes to size?

The average length of a vagina is about 3-4 inches. The vagina can expand to accommodate a penis up to 9 inches long. It's important that the vagina stays elastic and is sufficiently lubricated during intercourse.

What is the #1 issue women have with the vagina?

According to sex expert Dr. Laura Berman, it's genital self-image. Starting at a very early age, women are bombarded with messages about what their genitals are "supposed" to look and smell like. According to Dr. Berman, women who have a positive genital self-image are 6 times more likely to have ever been sexually satisfied. Genital self-image contributes to overall body image; those who have poor genital self-image issues can become sexually inhibited.

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