Dr. Oz Success Stories

The Dr. Oz Show has helped viewers just like you lose weight, discover the benefits of a healthier diet, and stop diseases before they strike. Here are just a few of the inspiring messages we’ve received. Are you a Dr. Oz Success Story? Click here to share your story!

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Deborah Mattern from West Suffield, CT writes:

“My closest friend and I started a healthy lifestyle eight weeks ago. We both exercise daily and monitor everything that we put into our bodies. I started out at 200 pounds and I am 5'6”. My friend is 5'1” and she started out at 172 pounds. We have lost a total of more than 60 pounds between us, and we both have about 20 pounds left to go before we get to our goal. We are middle-aged and not only are we losing the weight and getting healthier, but we are strength-training and we are looking great. … Doing this on our own, with each other’s [help], has given us the motivation to keep it going. Middle-aged women can do it and it’s all about getting focused and knowing you have to do it for yourself. We look great now and we are only half-way there. Thank you for all of your inspirational shows. My husband and I watch the show every day. Thank you, Dr. Oz.”

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