Dr. Oz's $1000 Savings Plan

Taking care of your health shouldn’t cost a fortune. Dr. Oz’s $1000 Savings Plan will help you stock up on health-related essentials as well as keep money from flying out of your pocket. Plus, his $1 Fast Fixes will ease your most annoying health problems.

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6. Healthy Feet

$50 Money Saver: Wear Insoles

More than any other body part, your feet take quite a daily pounding. To reduce both aches and pains along with the risk of plantar fascitis – tiny tears in the thick band of tissue that stretches from your heel to your toes – you need proper support. Custom-made orthotic insoles can be very expensive. Insoles with gel cushioning are available at drugstores and can save you $50.

$1 Fast Fixes For Your Most Annoying Health Problems


1. $1 Fix For Gas: Peppermint Gum

Peppermint-flavored gum is not only good for your breath, but also wonderful for your belly, providing a fast fix for gas. Peppermint actually relaxes stomach muscles and improves the flow of bile, which digests fats.

2. $1 Makeup Remover: Baby Shampoo

Makeup removers are not only expensive, but they can also irritate your eyes. Instead, use baby shampoo, which contains lauric acid derived from coconut oil. It’s very soothing and acts as a natural counter-irritant, leaving you tear- and blotch-free.

3. $1 Fix for Torn Cuticles: Lip Balm

A lip balm makes a perfect mini-moisturizer stick for dry or torn cuticles. Apply on the snagged skin, since this area near the nail can be an entry point for an infection.


4. $1 Fix for Foot Odor: Tea

If you suffer from foot odor, tea is a quick and inexpensive fix. The tannins in tea act as natural astringents and help kill bacteria. To deodorize and neutralize smell, soak for 20 minutes in a foot bath of water steeped with 4-5 tea bags.