Dr. Oz’s 7-Day Energy Surge

Exhausted. Drained. Worn out. More than two-thirds of American woman are using words like these to describe their current energy level. Most turn to caffeine and sugar to cope with daily fatigue, a strategy that may provide a short-term boost, but no long-term benefits. It’s time to get the facts and become strategic about increasing your energy level with Dr. Oz’s 7 Day Energy Surge.

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Step 2: The Vital Vitamin Cocktail

To feel more energized, you need to fuel your body properly. Magnesium and tyrosine are 2 supplements that specifically target the chemical processes responsible for increased levels of energy. Magnesium activates enzymes that contribute to energy production and helps regulate the levels of important nutrients like calcium, copper, zinc, potassium and vitamin D. While you can get magnesium from foods like whole grains, nuts and leafy green vegetables, most Americans need a supplement to reach the recommended daily value: 400 mg magnesium with 600 mg calcium.

Tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid and a building block for the mood-enhancing neurotransmitters epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. Chronic stress can deplete your level of tyrosine and contribute to feelings of exhaustion. Tyrosine supplements should be taken in 500 mg doses 3 times a day, at least 30 minutes before meals.

For a super boost, open a 500 mg tyrosine capsule, place the powder under your tongue and let it dissolve. It has a chalk-like consistency that may be hard to swallow, so take water as needed.