Dr. Oz's Ultimate Stress Checklist

Chronic stress is a top reason why women today are aging faster, getting sicker and dying before their time. Dr. Oz reveals his ultimate checklist for reducing stress, along with his at-home stress test.

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Now gauge your stress level with Dr. Oz’s at-home stress test.

Dr. Oz’s At-Home Stress Test

Nail and Hair Growth

Intense stress levels can put nails into a dormant resting phase. Measure your nail growth for 1 month. Nails that grow less than 2 millimeters can signal of stress.

This same phenomenon holds true with hair; if you don’t need a hair cut every 3 months, you may be stressed.

Sleep Habits

It’s a sign of stress if you’re unable to fall asleep within 30 minutes, or, if you’re waking up more than once a week in the middle of the night.


Teeth Grinding/Jaw Clenching

Do you wake up with tooth pain or a sore jaw? If so, you’re probably grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw as you sleep, another sign of stress.


Stand up straight against a wall. If both shoulders don’t make contact with the wall, it means you have hunched or raised shoulders, a chronic stress indicator.



Stress causes your extremities to become cold. Test your stress level with a biofeedback device, which measures body temperature through your finger. By thinking relaxing thoughts you can actually heat up your body temp and de-stress. You can order biofeedback cards in sets of 20 for about $35 online.

If you’ve determined that you have too much stress based on any of the above indicators, realize that you can control your body’s response to it. Click here to take Dr. Oz’s Stress-Proof Your Life Challenge.