The Health Tests That Could Save Your Life

Are you so busy that you’re ignoring your own health in the process? Dr. Oz reveals 3 simple lifesaving tests that will help you stay on top of your own well-being. We're sorry, the screening giveaway has ended.

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Test #2: Blood Sugar: Almost 1 in 3 Americans with pre-diabetes or diabetes don’t even know they have this serious disease. Signs of diabetes include fatigue, frequent urination and extreme thirst. You can determine your blood sugar level with a simple finger stick test that you can purchase or have conducted at your doctor’s office. Blood glucose readings are also offered at many pharmacies.

Diabetes indicates that your blood glucose is too high and your body is inhibited from producing enough insulin (secreted by the pancreas) to keep blood sugar levels stable.

Here are the blood sugar numbers you need to know. Your fasting blood glucose level means you did not eat the night before it was measured.

Normal: Fasting blood glucose: 70-100MG/DL

Pre-diabetes: Fasting blood glucose: 100-125 MG/DL

Diabetes: Fasting blood sugar: over 136 MG/DL

The good news with diabetes is that you can potentially lower your numbers dramatically. Here are some tips:

Try Vinegar: Take 1 teaspoon before a meal to help keep blood sugar stable.

For a Sweet Fix, Eat Fruit: Instead of reaching for cookies or other sweets loaded with refined sugar, reach for specific fruits that are high in fiber and low in sugar, such as cherries or apricots.

Take Alpha Lipoic Acid: This supplement has been shown to lower blood sugar levels. You can start by taking 300mg and work up to 500mg. It’s available at vitamin stores for about $10.