Natural Prescription Alternatives

By Pina LoGiudice ND, LAc and Peter Bongiorno ND, LAc Co-Medical Directors of Inner Source Health in New York

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This botanical is one of our top 10 herbs. Not only is it beneficial for anxiety, it also helps fatigue. In that calming spirit, it will boost the immune system, aid in liver function, and improve mental performance and clarity.


To take as a tea, purchase schizandra berries from your local health food store and steep them. For one serving, boil one cup water, then add one tablespoon of berries to the steeper, and drop into the boiling water. Reduce the heat to low and steep the berries for 15 minutes. To add more flavor, you can add lemon or honey, although most of our patients like the taste as it is. You can also buy prepared tea bags for about $7 a box.

Drink this tea once or twice a day and you’ll feel calm and focused. It’s so mild and gentle, you can drink this regularly.


High Blood Pressure Alternative: Rose Hips


Another group of highly prescribed drugs is high blood pressure medication. Over 144 million of these prescriptions are filled every year. High blood pressure has multiple causes. Minerals are important to relax vessels; when these are low, blood pressure can go up. Inadequate sleep, and lack of exercise and movement can also play a role.


We tell our patients to “meditate not medicate,” for the effects of stress on our bodies is a major contributing factor. When we are in a stress response, our vessels naturally tighten up.

One natural supplement that can be a helpful part of getting blood pressure down is rose hip powder. Anti-hypertension drugs, commonly known as “water pills,” act by getting rid of more water and salt through the kidneys and urine. Rose hip powder can act as a natural diuretic, which means it helps get rid of excess fluids, too. Rose hips contain bioflavonoids, which can be protective for blood vessels, have plenty of vitamin C, and can support healthy nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is needed in the vessels for a relaxation effect. A clinical study in obese individuals showed rose hips were able to significantly reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol (4). Rose hips are even shown to help with osteoarthritis (5). 

Pina LoGiudice ND, LAc

Article written by Pina LoGiudice ND, LAc
Co-Medical Director of Inner Source Health in New York

Peter Bongiorno ND, LAc

Article written by Peter Bongiorno ND, LAc
Co-Medical Director of Inner Source Health in New York