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By Glynis McCants Numerologist and Author of Glynis Has Your Number

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The 6 Life Path

The 6 Life Paths are nurturers, and also need to be in charge. I believe that the 6 Life Path is always trying to save the planet, and as a result, they have to be careful not to become the size of the planet. Their fear is that if they don’t do it, it won’t get done. It is important that a 6 find a nutritional balance in their life. They must do what they can to avoid mindless eating while they are taking care of everyone else in their life.

The 6 female has to be careful not to “over-mother” and “over-protect” her children. Otherwise, it is very common for the 6 female to have issues with her breasts, such as lumps, cysts etc. They must learn to release their children and trust they will be okay. The 6 Life Path is so used to damage control, they have a fear, that if it gets too quiet, it must be “ the calm before the storm.” When life is running smoothly, they need to say out loud, “It’s going good and I deserve it.” Making a habit of saying this will really make a difference!

The 7 Life Path

Although the 7 can be social, they really need their privacy and sacred space. If a 7 feels they can’t have their special time alone, they will be miserable and find unhealthy ways to escape, just like the 5 Life Path. To stay healthy, it would be wise for the 7 to keep a journal to purge their thoughts. The 7 is the Vibration that needs to find a base of faith they can believe in, or they can become cynical. While they work on the spiritual side of who they are, it actually helps them on a mental and physical level. Note: The water has a very calming effect on the 7. When the 7 is troubled, if they can get to the ocean or another body of water, they will start to feel better. Even just taking a warm bubble bath, hitting the pool or hot tub will bring some peace to the 7 Life Path.

Glynis McCants

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