Fight Fatigue: Reverse Your Iron Deficiency

Are you utterly exhausted? You could be suffering from an iron deficiency. Dr. Oz lays out the major symptoms, along with simple diet solutions that could reverse your fatigue in just one week.

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To determine if your fatigue is caused by an iron deficiency, check yourself for these other five major warning signs:

  1. You feel fatigued for over a month.
  2. You always feel cold.
  3. Your skin looks paler than usual.
  4. You just can't focus.
  5. You have substantial hair loss and brittle nails.

If you have one or more of the symptoms listed above, your fatigue may be due to low iron levels. See your doctor and ask for a ferritin-level test.

Iron-Rich Foods to Fight Fatigue

To fight fatigue that's caused by an iron deficiency, turn to iron-rich foods. By changing your diet, you could see significant changes in your energy level within as little as one week.

There are 2 types of dietary iron:

  1. Heme iron derived from hemoglobin is found in meat-based protein and absorbs 2-3 times faster than non-heme iron. Lean ground beef, chicken livers, oysters and clams are potent sources of iron in this category.
  2. Non-heme iron is found in plant-based foods. Beans, spinach, broccoli, dried fruits, such as apricots, and fortified cereals are among the best sources.