Rip Esselstyn and The Dr. Oz Fire Drill

Former firefighter and author of The Engine 2 Diet, Rip Esselstyn reacts to the Mo, Doug and Iggy's success on Dr. Oz's 28-day adaptation of the Engine 2 Diet.

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The Dr. Oz Show: What highlights would you like to shares about your visits, field trips or individual advice to the team?
The guys had such a can-do attitude! Whether it was learning how to read labels, cook without oils, or to grocery shop, they dove in with the same amount of excitement as they would tackling a 6-alarm fire. And the support and understanding they received from their spouses was a beautiful sign of love and compassion.

The Dr. Oz Show: What is the one thing you'd like others to take away from their success?
Everyone one of you is in control of your health...and it starts with what's at the end of your fork. You can have health by choice, not by chance. Take the Engine 2, 28- day health opportunity and then you be the judge. My bet is you'll discover that if you can become plant-strong, you will be a much happier, healthier, and thinner person!

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Rip Esselstyn

Article written by Rip Esselstyn
A former firefighter from Austin, Texas, and author of the national bestseller The Engine 2 Diet. Rip is launching a line of Engine 2 "plant-strong" foods for Whole Foods Market.