Secret Weapon to Fight Cancer

By William W. Li, M.D. President and Medical Director, The Angiogenesis Foundation

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Eating certain types of hard cheeses, including gouda, edam, emmenthal and Jarlsburg, can lower your risk of developing cancer. Why? Because these cheeses contain a form of vitamin K called vitamin K2 (the scientific name is menaquinone) that is both antiangiogenic (blood vessel-inhibiting) and also kills cancer cells directly. The studies indicate that eating as few as 2 slices of these hard cheeses a day can lower your overall risk for cancer, including lung cancer and prostate cancer. You can find these cheeses in your local grocery store.

Cancer Fighters Can Be Heart Healthy

You might be wondering whether eating cheese frequently is such a good idea?  Well, in this case, it turns out that vitamin K2 also protects the heart by preventing hardening of the arteries.

Many of the medical studies I’ve cited were done in Europe where cheese is regularly eaten, even on a daily basis, including breakfast. Personally, I think the research is so compelling that we should all find ways to add vitamin K2 into our diets. If you are a cheese lover, gouda and the other types I listed are good choices. For people who are lactose intolerant or who just don’t like dairy, chicken is another good source of vitamin K2. Not the whole chicken, but the dark meat like the thighs and drumsticks.

Eat to Defeat, a New Way to Fight Cancer

At the non-profit Angiogenesis Foundation, we are working to bring this type of practical, lifesaving information to the public through our Eat to Defeat Cancer campaign.  To learn more about cancer fighting foods and to get recipes, click here.

Article written by William W. Li, M.D.
President and Medical Director The Angiogenesis Foundation