Simple Detox Solutions for Your Busy Life

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Try It: Get a little bitter.

Add some arugula and watercress to your regular lettuce mix at lunch, blend some into your smoothie, or sauté dandelion greens in a little olive oil and salt at dinner.

Detox Tip #3: Dry Brush Your Skin

Even the busiest women take showers, right? One of the simplest and most enjoyable detox solutions is dry-skin brushing, which is exactly what it sounds like. It takes all of a few seconds in the morning and supports your largest organ – your skin.

Here’s why it works: Brushing removes dead cells that collect environmental toxins, while also keeping pores unclogged, so that the body can eliminate toxins through the skin. It also renews your skin cells, and can improve the way your skin looks and feels.

Try It: Brush it off

You can find a dry body brush at health food stores and online. They come in all shapes and sizes. Start with your extremities (bottoms of feet, palms of hands) and work your way in from there, always brushing with gentle, even strokes toward your heart. This helps aid the detox process, and doing so can help draw stagnant toxins back into the bloodstream where they can be cleared out.

This invigorating ritual stimulates the nervous system, too, making it a great way to wake up. Added bonus: Some people claim it helps create more tone and reduces cellulite.

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