Solutions to Supercharge Your Energy Type

If you constantly feel exhausted, run-down, and like you just can’t get yourself going, it’s time to supercharge your energy. Dr. Oz lets you in on his secrets that will rewrite the rules on how you can get your energy back so you can feel better than ever.

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To supercharge your energy, allow your body to get the thyroid hormone it needs by avoiding goitrogens. Surprisingly, they’re found in many healthy foods like kale, broccoli, cabbage, peaches, and strawberries. Fortunately, you can deactivate goitrogens in your raw veggies simply by steaming them for as little as 10 minutes. That way you’ll reap the benefits of their many nutrients, and give yourself a thyroid thrust. You can ramp up your thyroid function even further by taking a daily dose of vitamin D. It’s a crucial component in thyroid function, especially in winter months when we don’t get enough natural vitamin D through sun exposure. Take 1000 IUs daily for maximum effect.

This final suggestion may be a bit surprising, but naturopaths have been recommending for years that you can hum your thyroid to health! They argue that the inner vibration stimulates the release of thyroid hormone. Try tapping the sides of your neck at the base 10 times while deeply humming. If the vibrations alone aren’t enough to boost your energy, humming one of your favorite tunes surely will help.

Energy Solutions for All E-Types

Now that you’ve identified the best methods to supercharge your energy based on E-type, it’s time to explore some fast solutions that work for everyone.

Energy Solution 1: Probiotic Purée

As we age, our bodies experience cellular inflammation, sapping us of energy and making us gain weight. Simply adding a probiotic purée to your diet will battle inflammation and leave you recharged and refreshed. Use any pureed fruit or vegetable, like an applesauce or a guacamole, as a base. Then, stir in a tbsp of probiotics per cup of purée. Available at health food stores, probiotics are healthy bacteria that improve the lining of your gut. They allow you to get more nutrients from your food and reduce inflammation, giving you more energy from what you eat.