Supermarket Secrets That Can Make You Sick

See what dangers lurk in the grocery store – and five easy ways to keep your family healthy!

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Bone Up on Your Own Food-Safety Practices

Be meat smart. Buy chicken, fish and poultry at the end of your shopping trip so that they stay cold longer. Make sure all meats are packaged tightly (double bagging is a good idea), so no juices (and the bacteria they contain) can leak out onto other foods.

Bin there, what's that? It's sad but true, many people skip the tongs and use their bare hands to get that bagel from the bread bin, introducing their own bacteria and viruses. But that's not all they leave behind. Among the most commonly found items at the bottom of open bins? False fingernails. Which should be argument enough for you to skip any open containers and opt for packaged items.

Reuse, recycle, and rewash! Reusable bags are great for the environment, but can be bad for food safety. Wash them every 10 uses – using an acidic cleaner such as vinegar or running them through the washing machine – to remove any dangerous bacteria from your previous shopping trips.