Swimsuit Slimdown Plan

Do you have nightmares about swimsuit season? Are you the guy or gal at the beach or pool draped in towels and long-sleeved shirts, despite the sweltering heat? That ends today.

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Swimsuit Slimdown Tip 3: Fight Cellulite

For a quick, temporary fix to help you look better on beach days, try Aminophylline cream. This cutting-edge, anti-cellulite ingredient works by temporarily shrinking fat cells so they appear less lumpy. You can find Aminophylline cream online for about $40 a bottle. Apply it twice per day to make it work all day long, whenever you’re out wearing your bathing suit.

Swimsuit Slimdown Tip 4: Swimsuit Sculpt

Finally, to look better in your swimsuit, all you need is a beach towel, about 5 minutes, and a commitment to starting every morning with these two moves.

First, to target your thighs and glutes, do lunges along the length of your beach towel – 3 forward and 3 back on each leg. To begin, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your hands on your hips. Take a long step forward with your right foot to the edge of the towel, bending your right knee so that your thigh is parallel to the floor (making sure that your knee does not extend further than your foot when you're lunging). Pause, then step back into the standing position. Repeat, by stepping forward with your left foot. Then do the same but in the reverse direction. As you get stronger, try holding weights in each hand to increase the burn.

Next, it’s time to tighten your belly by getting into a plank position on your beach towel. To do so, lie flat on your stomach and brace your core muscles. Then lift your body up onto your toes and elbows, being sure to lower your buttocks down until they are level with your shoulders. The most important thing is to squeeze your navel toward your spine to really work your core. Hold for 30 seconds if you can, working your way up to a minute. You can start on your knees as you’re still developing your core strength.

Remember, the most important tip to look good in a bathing suit is to feel good! This means not comparing yourself to some imaginary and unachievable standard set by airbrushed models. Sexiness is not measured by the size of your thighs; sexiness comes from the confidence that accompanies knowing you’re working each and every day toward one of the most important goals of all: Your health.