Tips to Spot a Cheater

A guest on The Dr. Oz Show, Former Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Janine Driver reveals the signs your man may be cheating.

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An Increase in Manipulators:
A "manipulator" is any time your man touches one part of his body with another part of his body, i.e., rub his neck, throat or leg, touch his nose, run his tongue across the front of his teeth, etc.

Navel Intelligence:
Liars may direct their belly button toward the door once you turn up the heat.  This move is sending the signal that they want to get out of there.

They've Got to Move it, Move it:

Liars will often adjust their bodies during or after a lie to let off the stress and anxiety.

At the end of my segment, I spoke directly to the cheating husbands out there and pleaded with them to protect the integrity of their legacy.  When a spouse cheats, it not only affects their married and professional life, but also the lives of their children and grandchildren.  Enough is enough.


Seconds after leaving the Dr. Oz stage, the married man who was highlighted during the show as a reformed "cheater" approached me.  He whispered, "I did all the things you talked about in your segment and my wife just didn't catch me."

Janine Driver

Article written by Janine Driver
Former Federal Law Enforcement Officer