Turbocharge Your Metabolism

If your metabolism feels more like a creaky tricycle than an energy-burning sports car, it’s time for a turbocharge. Dr. Oz shows you the secrets to boosting your body’s fat-burning potential.

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Spice Swish

Simply gargling a mix of spices can kick your metabolism into gear. Combine half a teaspoon of turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger in a glass of water, swish, and spit. Without even having to digest the spices, they’ll trigger nerve receptors in your mouth to activate the sympathetic nervous system and elevate your metabolism.

The Fidget Factor

While it may drive your coworkers and family crazy, drumming your fingers or tapping your feet is a great way to burn calories. Scientists have discovered that “non-exercise activity thermogenesis” can burn 100 calories a day. That’s a fancy way of referring to bouncing your legs while you sit, pacing when you’re on the phone, and so on. All of which adds up to over 10 lost pounds a year!

Emergency Power-Up Snacks

Spicy wasabi peas and cacao nibs are a great way to rev up your metabolism on the go. The heat from the wasabi peas stimulates your body’s metabolic engine, while their fiber helps keep you full. Cacao nibs are the unsweetened, raw material that chocolate is made from. They’re chockfull of healthy, anti-inflammatory polyphenols to blast belly fat without the unwanted refined sugars and saturated fats of candy bars.


Super Power Stretch

This special stretch uses every muscle in your body, stimulating your internal organs and aiding in digestion. Stand with your feet and legs together, then bend your knees like you’re sitting in a chair. Keeping your chest lifted, twist to your right, using your left elbow on your right knee as an anchor. Hold the position for 20 seconds, then twist to the other side and do the same. This stretch will get your blood pumping, burn calories, and awaken your adrenal glands to give your metabolism a boost.