Vitamin Q&A: The Best Supplements

By Rovenia Brock, PhD

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What are the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency and how can a vitamin D supplement help?

Although rare, recent evidence has indicated a reemergence of vitamin D deficient rickets and an alarming prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in the U.S. population, including those with darker skin pigmentation, the elderly, and people living in geographical areas with limited sunlight or heavy pollution. Because the typical symptoms are achy bones and muscle discomfort, vitamin D deficiency is often misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Recognizing that vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency are major public health concerns for both children and adults in the United States, vitamin D supplements can help. Vitamin D supplements are available in two forms: vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. The D3 form is more active than the D2 form and a better choice when choosing a supplement. Dosage levels range from 400 to 5000 I.U. Talk to your doctor or health care provider about a simple blood test to determine the right dosage for your individual vitamin D needs.

What is the role of coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10) in the body?
Coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10) is a vitamin-like compound that aids in the production of the body’s energy. That is because it is found primarily in our mitochondria – small cell structures that act as the powerhouse of a cell. The highest concentrations of CoQ10 are where we need the most energy – your heart, liver and kidney.

How do the antioxidant properties of coenzyme Q10 (also known as CoQ10) protect my body/my heart?

CoQ10’s energy generation makes it vital to heart health, while its powerful antioxidant properties add yet another layer of protection in maintaining a healthy heart. Together with vitamin E, CoQ10 fights damaging free radicals.

Rovenia "Dr. Ro" Brock

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