The Yacon Syrup Project

Yacon syrup could be the next big thing in weight loss. The Dr. Oz Show conducted its own test to see if it lived up to the hype.

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Yacon, a South American root which has been part of the Andean diet for hundreds of years, may be the next big thing to promote healthy weight loss. Not only does it have the potential to significantly trim waistlines, it also appears to naturally support good digestion and regulate blood sugar – all without supplements or pills. The team at The Dr. Oz Show asked several viewers interested in weight loss to try yacon syrup for 28 days – and you won't want to miss the exciting results.

Metabolism Game Changer!

From This Episode:

Metabolism Game Changer!

The Project:
We asked 60 women to eat one teaspoon of yacon syrup with or before each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for four weeks. They were told not to otherwise change their usual diets or exercise habits. Forty of the 60 women completed the project. Of these 40 women:

  • 29 (73%) of the women lost weight
  • 14 women lost five pounds or more
  • Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
  • Average reduction in waist size was 1.9 inches
  • Total weight lost among all the women was 153 pounds
  • 27 (68%) recommended yacon as a weight loss tool

We also surveyed six medical experts about their opinions on yacon syrup and the results of our project. You can read their statements here.

Prior studies have demonstrated some promising health benefits from yacon, including weight loss.. One 2009 study published in Clinical Nutrition followed 55 obese Argentine women who took about 3-4 teaspoons of yacon syrup over the course of a day. The women were also instructed to slightly reduce their caloric intake and to walk for 45 minutes twice a week. Over 120 days, the women who did not take yacon syrup did not experience significant changes, while the women who did use yacon lost an average of 33 pounds and 4 inches of waist circumference. They also experienced improved insulin levels, a dramatic drop in bad cholesterol and more frequent bowel movements.