Your Guide: 7 Essentials for Women Over 40

If you’re a woman over 40, thousands of products and ideas are being marketed directly at you every day. To help navigate the cluttered over-40 marketplace, Dr. Oz has pared everything down to the 7 essentials every woman needs the most.

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Essentials for a Makeup “ Facelift”


Essential #3: Moisturizers for the Inside and Out

Fish Oil: Besides drinking lots of water to help plump up skin, take fish oil, which is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, to also moisturize from the inside out. Click here for more on this amazing natural wonder drug.

Moisturizer With Oil: Choose a topical moisturizer that contains a high-quality natural oil, such as olive oil. Rich in vitamin E, olive oil is not only great for your face but also for your nails.

Essential #4: Concealer

Dark under eye circles can add 10-plus years to your face. But you can correct and conceal them with yellow and pink. First, start your makeup routine by putting moisturizer on top of your foundation. This creates a yellow tone that evens out skin. To brighten up under the eyes, apply a concealer. Its pink tone will take away that tired look. The trick is to dab it on the corner, where a little recession occurs with aging. Then apply a bit of yellow-toned powder, which locks makeup in place.

Essential #5: Cream Blush

The cheeks are one the place on your face where wrinkles do not set. So by highlighting them with blush, you’ll get an instant lift. A cream blush is better than powder after age 40 since changing hormone levels make skin dryer.