Eat Right for Your Metabolism Type

Whether you crave salty foods, sweet foods or a mixture of both, you have a unique metabolism type that impacts both your waistline and your personality. Determine your metabolic type with Dr. Oz’s quiz. You’ll look better, feel better and learn how to eat to stay healthy and lean.

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Metabolic Type C

If you are unable to determine whether you’re are a Type A or B and like both sweet and salty foods equally, you’re probably a Type C. Type C’s are mixed types who have fluctuating appetites, can experience fatigue, anxiety and nervousness, may suffer aches and pains, and have little trouble with weight control.

  • Fluctuating/unpredictable appetite
  • Crave sweet and salty foods
  • Fatigue
  • Anxious, nervous
  • May suffer aches and pains
  • Little trouble with weight control

How to Eat:

Type C’s have the ability to metabolize proteins, fats and carbs equally, which is why you crave both salty and sweet foods. Your mealtime plate should be divided into thirds:

  • 33% protein
  • 33% fats
  • 33% carbs

As a Type C, you’re allowed to put the most fats on your plate. Choose a mixture of low- and full-fat foods such as low-fat cheese, yogurt, olive oil, etc.

Mix and match dark and light proteins as well: light and dark meat poultry, beef, salmon, cod, kidney beans, soy, etc.

The last portion of your plate should contain good carbs, including various whole grains and healthy starchy vegetables: 100% whole-wheat breads and cereals, sweet potatoes, bananas, etc.

Take Dr. Oz’s Metabolic Type Quiz to determine how you should be eating.