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  • Interview: Deborah Norville

    Dr. Oz talks with Deborah Norville, host of Inside Edition, about her theory on gratitude and her book "Thank You Power: Making the Science of ... more
  • Interview: Fashion Designer Donna Karan

    Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa talk with Donna about designing clothes and about her charitable organization, Urban Zen.Audio Clip courtesy of Oprah & ... more
  • Interview: Esquire Editor A.J. Jacobs

    A.J. Jacobs talks with Dr. Oz, Lisa Oz and Dr. Roizen about the unexpected lessons he learned by subjecting himself to a number of social experiments ... more
  • Interview: Jim Gordon

    Dr. Oz and his wife, Lisa, talk with Dr. Jim Gordon about the philosophy behind his work and about how alternative medicine can help people deal with ... more
  • Interview: Julia Cameron

    Dr. Oz and his wife, Lisa, talk with JuliaCameron about her book "The Artist's Way" and how to get unstuck. Julia says getting out of a rut simply ... more
  • Interview: Dr. Larry Dossy

    Dr. Oz talks to Dr. Larry Dossy about his spiritual insight into the world of medicine. After he started getting bouts of periodic blindness from his ... more
  • Interview: Dr. Jerry Lemole

    Who did Dr. Oz count on for answers to questions he couldn't figure out in medical school? His father-in-law! Dr. Gerald Lemole, Lisa Oz's father, ... more
  • Interview: Dr. Dean Ornish

    Dr. Ornish talks with Dr. Oz about his book "The Spectrum: A Scientifically Proven Program to Feel Better, Live Longer, Lose Weight, and Gain Health" ... more
  • Interview: Dr. David Geliebter

    Dr. Oz talks with David Geliebter about his book "Underbelly", which takes a closer look at the homeless population in Palm Beach, Florida, and what ... more
  • Interview: Chef Eric Ripert

    Recently, chef Eric Ripert and Dr. Oz traded places—Dr. Oz helped organize food delivery at award-winning New York City restaurant Le Bernadin, and ... more
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