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  • Secrets Your Handwriting Holds About Your Health

    The ancient science of handwriting analysis (graphology) has been around since the days of Aristotle. While most people associate it with check ... more
  • The Duchenne Smile Reference Chart

    There might be more to your smile than you think. A study has shown that people who have a Duchenne smile live the longest. People with a Duchenne ... more
  • Oat Straw Fact Sheet

    Stop reaching for the caffeine and sugary snacks. You can skip the crashing and burning that these pick-me-ups cause and instead find lasting energy ... more
  • Q&A: Diabetes

    Jeanne B. from Facebook asks: How about you talk about how different Type 1 and Type 2 are?Type 1 diabetes can develop when the body is unable to ... more
  • List of Corn Aliases

    A surprising new food source may be causing you stomach irritation. Your body can be treating genetically modified corn sources as a toxin, which ... more
  • List of Names for Artificial Sweeteners

    Replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners may be doing your body more harm than good. Recent studies show that these chemically modified sweeteners ... more
  • Diabetes Risk Test

    Could you have diabetes and not know it? One in every three adults is pre-diabetic and hasn't been diagnosed. Take this test to see if you are at ... more
  • Organic Shopping Cheat Sheet

    If you're looking to minimize your exposure to pesticides and artificial hormones, organic is the way to go. But in a sea of shelves flooded with ... more
  • Organic Versus Non-Organic Food List

    When it comes to avoiding pesticides and other contaminants in your food, buying organic is often the healthiest option – but it can also be the ... more
  • Fake Sexy to Feel Sexy

    We’ve all heard it said that confidence is sexy. And you see it in action all the time. Surely each of us has fallen under the spell of a certain ... more
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