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  • Home Emergency Crash Course

    Would you know what to do if you sliced your hand with a knife while chopping onions, or tripped and took a tumble down the stairs? Home accidents ... more
  • Nasacort® Allergy 24HR Giveaway

     The first and only full prescription strength 24 hour nasal allergy spray available without a prescription. Nasacort Allergy 24HR stops more ... more
  • The Duchenne Smile Reference Chart

    There might be more to your smile than you think. A study has shown that people who have a Duchenne smile live the longest. People with a Duchenne ... more
  • Pop Pilates Workout One-Sheet

    This simple, four-step workout from Pop Pilates creator Cassey Ho promises to get you in shape in time for spring. Watch Cassey do this workout or ... more
  • Can Antioxidants Cause Cancer?

    About 50% of the American public loads up on nutritional supplements, including those containing high doses of antioxidants – especially vitamin A ... more
  • New Research on Radical Remission

    Radically Changing Your Diet No Sweets, No Meat, No Dairy, No Refined FoodsThe vast majority of the Radical Remission survivors I continue to ... more
  • Oat Straw Fact Sheet

    Stop reaching for the caffeine and sugary snacks. You can skip the crashing and burning that these pick-me-ups cause and instead find lasting energy ... more
  • There's Just No Sugarcoating This News...

    There’s no way to sugarcoat this: If you’ve been thinking about cutting down the amount of sugar you’ve been eating, that resolution just got a ... more
  • FAQ: The Facts About Food Addiction

    What is food addiction? Food addiction is a preoccupation with food – the person finds themselves chronically thinking about food, worried about ... more
  • Leptin Resistance Fact Sheet

    What is leptin and how does it work? Leptin is a hormone that plays a crucial role in appetite and weight control. It is thought to have at least two ... more