6 Simple Ways to Become a Morning Person

Try these tips to boost your energy when day breaks.

6 Simple Ways to Become a Morning Person

If you find yourself dreading the start of each day, you are not alone. While so many people swear that the title "morning person" will never apply to them, sometimes it just takes a few simple tweaks to take you from a five-time alarm snoozer to a jump-out-of-bed type of person. Give these six simple tips a try to change up your routine and make mornings less miserable. You may never be a full-blown morning enthusiast but you can have an easier time starting your daily routine in no time.

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Try Working Out in the Morning

It might seem impossible right now, if you’re already having trouble crawling out from under the blankets, to get out of bed when you know exercise is coming. But hopefully the rest of these tips will help get you up, and once you do, beginning your day with a workout has endless benefits (as per the last tip, lay your sneakers and favorite gear right next to your bed). You’ll eat healthier throughout the day, feel more energized, and the endorphins will put you in a great mood that right now seems impossible to attain before noon. Plus, you can rejoice in the knowledge that you got it over with and don't need to worry about squeezing in a workout at the end of your day.

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