8 Heart-Healthy Habits for Women

Heart disease and heart attacks aren't just for men. Follow these healthy habits to keep your cholesterol, blood pressure, and disease risk low.

8 Heart-Healthy Habits for Women

Learn about women's risk of heart disease. Discover right must-do, heart-healthy habits that can lower your risk of heart disease, heart att, ck and stroke, as well as prevent heart-related risk factors, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
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Take a Vacation From Stress

Taking regular time off can cut your heart attack risk by almost a third. Yet, according to an Expedia.com survey, Americans ditch an estimated 465 million vacation days a year, which cranks up the rate at which their bodies age. How? Overcommitment leads to chronic stress, and too much stress puts you on the fast track to heart disease. Whatever your excuse for not taking a break (too little time, money, or energy), it probably isn't worth the consequences. Heart-Healthy Tip: Do this to get that blissed-out vacation feeling any time: Close your eyes, focus your attention on your heart, and take slow breaths in and out. After a few breaths, imagine something that puts you at ease — a pet, a child, flowers, or a sandy beach. Hold that image and keep breathing in and out. Do this once a day for 10 minutes. Your heart will love it, and so will you.