How This Affordable Skincare Could Replace an Expensive Dermatologist Visit

Got dull skin? How about uneven texture? You may not need an expensive, exclusive dermatologist to fix it. You can get dermatology-level exfoliation at home every day with DermaGEEK's Detoxifying Facial Serum. No gimmicks, and no questioning what's really in the bottle. It's just smart, transparent skincare — for an affordable price.

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3-Ingredient DIY Teeth Whitening Treatment

All three ingredients are probably in your kitchen now!

When you're overwhelmed and need a break, it's so important to find those little moments to reset and reconnect with yourself. So here's a little recipe that will get you smiling and brighten up your day. It's a three-ingredient teeth whitening treatment you can make right at home with things from your kitchen! You can thank TikTok for this one.

3-Ingredient DIY Teeth Whitening Treatment

Put a little bit of the following ingredients in a bowl:

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