The 40-Day Plan to Declutter Your Life

Say goodbye to the mess with this plan from organization expert Jeffrey Phillip.

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Why You Should Let Go of Clothing Clutter (3:03)

Is clutter taking over your life and stressing you out? Say goodbye to the mess that’s taking over your home and wreaking havoc on your diet with this 40-day plan from organization expert Jeffrey Phillip. You’ll tackle three of the most common areas – the kitchen, the closet, and the bathroom – and get rid of one item each day. It’s a simple way to clean without feeling confused, overwhelmed, or discouraged. Tidying up will help you resolve both the physical and mental chaos that’s holding you back from living comfortably and efficiently.

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For the first two weeks, from days 1-15, you’ll be focusing on the kitchen and pantry areas of your home. When mid-month rolls around, from days 16-27, you’ll switch your attention to your closet and throw out, donate, or repurpose any clothing and accessories that you aren’t wearing or using anymore. Finally, in the last two weeks, from days 28-40, you’ll take care of the jumble in your bathroom – from old toothbrushes to any expired medications.

Print out this calendar to reference and guide you throughout the entire 40-day period. Take before and after photos if you’d like to track your progress and see how far you’ll go in a little over a month!

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