The 5-Minute Meditation Plan

Alter how you handle stress in a meaningful way by adding this plan by Cory Muscara into your daily life.

The 5-Minute Meditation Plan

Studies have shown that practicing just five minutes of quiet time a day gives way to mindfulness, peace and a significant decrease in stress. Stress occurs when perceived demands are greater than the actual demands. Increase the peace in your life and learn how to be more present in each moment by incorporating this practice into your day.

Step 1: Sit Upright Not Uptight

Sit in whatever position makes you feel most comfortable, it doesn't have to be cross-legged. Once you are situated, make sure you are open and relaxed. 

Step 2: Care to Be Aware

Close your eyes and try not to visualize anything. Pay attention to the present situations around you.

Step 3: Breathe Mindfully

Use your breath as an anchor. Feel your in-breath and feel your out-breath. Repeat. 

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