5 Ways to Lower Calories in Buffalo Wings

Find out how to satisfy the craving and ditch the extra calories.

They’re a Super Bowl party essential and a must-have dish at the summer barbeque, but let’s face it — the average Buffalo wing is packed with hidden calories. While they tend to be smothered in butter and high sodium sauces, there is a way to cut down on the calories while still satisfying that classic meal craving.

Wing-aficionado and Instagram star Josh Ostrovsky, aka 'The Fat Jewish' and food investigator Mark Schatzker share their tips on how to cut down the calories of your favorite finger food while still maintaining the delicious flavor. Not all wings are created equal, so enjoy a wing that will be Oz-approved!

Go for the Least Fatty Part of the Wing

There are three basic shapes of a traditional wing: drumette, wingette, and the tip. You could cut down on the amount of fat you consume just by choosing the right part of the wing.

The unhealthiest part of the wing is the tip, which is all skin and bone. On the contrary, the drumette is the best since it has the lowest ratio of skin to meat so you'll consume the least amount of fat. 

Ditch the Sauce and Opt for a Dry Rub

You can’t have a Buffalo wing without it being smothered in Buffalo sauce — right? Except, slathering your wings in buffalo sauce can add hundreds of calories! Not to mention the excess amount of sodium that can cause you to feel bloated and gain weight.

Try a dry wing rub with different herbs and spices like cayenne pepper for a healthier, and just as spicy, alternative to Buffalo sauce. Try something new with this Chipotle Blueberry Dry Rub recipe for a creative, spicy kick.

Skip Out on the High-Calorie Dressing Dip

Beside every great wing is a tub of ranch or blue cheese dressing. The average person consumes 10 tablespoons of dressing with an order of 12 buffalo wings, plus the side of veggie sticks. There are 800 calories in 10 tablespoons of blue cheese, and 645 calories in the same amount of ranch dressing.

Dip your wing into a DIY dressing with Greek yogurt instead to save you about 530 calories. Simply add Greek yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and some spices in a bowl and mix for the lower calorie option.

Swap the Fryer for the Oven

Ditch the fryer and prepare your buffalo wings in the oven to cut down on the excess calories of unhealthy oils. Baking your wings to crispy perfection will make them a satisfying and healthier dish.

Try making Spicy Baked Chicken Wings. Trust us, you won’t miss fried wings.

Try Baked Buffalo Cauliflower

Curb your craving for spicy buffalo chicken wings with this low-calorie substitute full of nutrients! It’s the perfect alternative to munch on during Sunday football. Cauliflower is high in vitamin C, low in sodium, and shockingly versatile, making it the perfect guilt-free alternative.

This Buffalo Cauliflower recipe will leave you satisfied and become your new go-to on game day.


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