911 Safety Information Chart

You’re having an emergency and don't want to panic. Learn what you need to know before you call 911.

911 Safety Information Chart

In a crisis situation, it’s easy for your mind to go blank. Read on to learn how to keep you focused even during the most uncontrollable situations.

Below are 3 mistakes that you should never make when calling 911:

1. Not listening to the dispatcher and not answering their questions. There’s a reason why the dispatcher will ask you certain questions in a particular order. Your answers to the question will determine how quickly help arrives. The dispatcher’s #1 priority is to dispatch the EMTs, then they can help coach you with the problem and what to do. If possible, have one person tend to the patient while you talk to the dispatcher. Multitasking doesn’t work.

2. Hanging up too quickly. The operators may not have given you all of the pre-arrival instructions and may still be relaying information to the EMS on their way. There are only 2 reasons to hang up: one is that the medical personnel have arrived. The other is that the dispatcher has said,  “you can hang up now.”

3. Forgetting your contact and medical information while on the call. It’s easy to forget personal information because the racing adrenaline will cause panic.

Print the emergency chart below and hang it in your home. Post necessary information on your refrigerator or near your phone so it will always be there in case of an emergency.

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